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Capoeira Communities are an award winning not-for-profit social enterprise.  We have been teaching in schools for over 15 years and pioneered compulsory Capoeira in key stage 1&2.

Our classes nurture and develop skills in Children (and adults ) such as co-ordination, balance, core strength, creative play, co-operation, improvisation, agility, stamina, rhythm, musicality and knowledge of another culture. 

All of which help not only in physical well-being but mental well-being too.  

Faced with the changing world, our in school work changed drastically.   So we created a learning resource called 'I Can Play Capoeira' that teaches the very basics of the Afro-Brazilian art form.



Usually two people play Capoeira together, using kicks to make the other person dodge and respond with their own movement.

It was originally disguised as dance so contains dance like steps as well as space for self expression through movement.

Impressive acrobatics and beautiful shapes are also part of the game, creating an awesome spectacle and joyful expression.

Music is an integral part of Capoeira, adding to the energy while also dictating the speed and style of games.

Everyone who does Capoeira brings something new to it - themselves!  It's genderless and ageless.  You choose how you want to play the game.

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Learning Resource


'I Can Play Capoeira' is a learning resource aimed at Primary school children but fun for everyone!  Wether learning alone, with a caregiver at home or with a teacher in school, the exercises will help everyone move in new ways while also learning about another culture!

The videos are fun and energetic, ensuring engagement throughout. 

Watch the trailer below!

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