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Choose a purchase plan below that suits your needs.

Important notice :  

If you are purchasing for a school or club that will need multiple connections (pupils accessing from home or multiple classrooms accessing at once) ensure you select a 'school plan'.

The individual plan will prevent multiple login's which will limit access.

  • School Plan : 1 Year

    Full school access to 'I Can Play Capoeira' for 1 year!
    Valid for one year
    • All 6 'I can play Capoeira' videos
    • Multi Login's Enabled - essential for schools
    • Access to all bonus resources + video's when added
    • Support for lesson plan advice and queries
  • School Plan 3 Months

    Full school access to 'I Can Play Capoeira' for 3 Months!
    Valid for 3 months
    • Access to all 6 'I can play capoeira videos' for 3 Months.
    • Multi Login's Enabled - Essential for Schools
    • Access to all bonus resources + video's when added
  • Home-Plan/Individual

    Individual Use Plan

    The 'I Can Play Capoeira' Learning Resource for use at home.
    • Single User Login Active
    • All ' I can play Capoeira' Videos
    • Access to all bonus resources + video's when added

If none of the above options meet your requirements and you want to ask about a custom plan...

or you wish to discuss how else we could work with you / your school then please send us a message below!

Thanks for submitting!

Video Rental

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Episode One:

Meet Jo and Ashley and a few of their friends.

They are going to show you a few simple exercises to get you moving in new ways!

Jo and Ash meet the 'Vibe Checker' and CCNN report on flat hands.

Episode Two:

Jo looses his voice!  Ashley utilises the harrowing event to help us learn about the language of Brazil : Portuguese.

Ashley has suspicions about the Vibe Checker and we learn our first kick!

ep3 screener.jpg
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Episode Three:

Ashley shrinks and his lockdown hair style goes out of control.  A mysterious new instructor shows up.  We look at the history of Capoeira which comes from Slavery and learn a new kick.

ep4 screener.jpg
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Episode Four:

Ashley becomes a rocker and joins a band.  We take a closer look at the music and instruments of Capoeira.

Ash and the vibe checker clash, Jo stays cool.  We start combining more movements to make longer sequences.  

ep5 screener.jpg
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ep6 screener.jpg
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Episode Five:

Ashley convinces Jo to form a new band with him.  Together they practice Capoeira music and teach how to clap in rhythm.  They are joined by an enigmatic singer so they look more closely at the role of singing within Capoeira.  We learn a new trapping movement and how to escape it!

Ashley takes vibe checking into his own hands.   

Episode Six:

The whole gang is together!  Sam and Ilona (and a live studio audience?!) join for the final episode that looks at the tradition of Capoeira nicknames, how a game works and how a Capoeira roda works!

A surprise new kick enters the fray and a new animal shape.

Ash get shook by the vibe checkers.    

We are also in the process of making an accompanying Activity Book which complements the videos.  It will contain games, puzzles, quizzes, stories and exercises.  Just loads of activities to aid and enhance learning.... an activity book. 

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