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Capoeira Communities

We teach what we love with joy and passion.

CapoComs are an award winning not for profit social enterprise based in Norwich.  

We have been teaching Capoeira in Schools around Norfolk (and further afield) since 2006.


We’ve taught toddlers, children, young people, adults, refugees, youth offenders, those with special educational needs, prisoners and all beautiful and varied walks of life.


Wether it's through home learning or in school learning, we truly enjoy seeing our pupils achieve things they perhaps thought they could not.  Developing and nurturing both their physical and mental wellbeing.


'I Can Play Capoeira'


With the arrival of the pandemic we had to think seriously about how our organisation would survive and adapt.


We came up with ‘I can play Capoeira’ - a learn at home resource for children and parents.  Designed as a home workout to improve and maintain kids fitness.  After securing funding from the Arts Council we set to work creating the video series.


We wanted to ensure that our video’s captured the same humour and energy that we approach our in-school lessons with…  Creating something more akin to a children’s tv show rather than some dry instructional video.  It was imperative that no knowledge of Capoeira was needed for the videos so they would be accessible for everyone.

We used different aspects of our curriculum lessons to help create characters, such as the animal shapes - an essential foundation for more complex movements.


So our skeleton crew (of two people, Jo and Ashley) set to work through 2 lockdowns.  

Designing, writing, recording, illustrating and editing 6 x 40 minute videos.  It took so long and so much creative energy and while they aren’t perhaps as polished as other productions, we are very proud of them.

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Meet Da Team

This is Ashley, he has been teaching Capoeira since the caveman times. 

Ashley taught me (Jo) Capoeira! 

He has an MA in childrens book illustration, any drawings you see in the video, book,  or website / socials are by him unless otherwise stated.

What an insane crazy genius. 


My name is Jo, I’ve been teaching Capoeira since…

oh man, since like 2007? 


Aside from teaching I also work as an artist and photographer.


We also work with some of our best friends, Sam and Ilona. 

Sam has been teaching with his perfect style for years and Ilona is the newest addition to the CapoComs family, bringing a wonderful joy and energy.

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